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Installation of the XboxController library:

(For Windows XP/Vista/Win7)

  1. Download the latest version of the XboxController library.
  2. Install the Xbox360 controller driver distributed with the hardware. English version Xbox350_Eng.exe and German version Xbox360_Deu.exe also contained in XboxController distribution (subdirectory 'driver').
    For Windows 7 you don't need to install the drivers manually, the are downloaded via Internet and installed as soon as you plug the Xbox controller to the USB port.
  3. (Only for Windows XP): Install the DirectX Runtime:
    Execute dxwebsetup.exe contained the the XboxController distribution (subdirectory 'DirectX).
  4. (Only for Windows XP) Install the VisualC Runtime: Execute
    vcredist_x86.exe contained in the XboxController distribution
    (subdirectory 'VisualC').
  5. Copy both xboxcontroller.dll and xboxcontroller64.dll into a directory that is part of the operating system path (usually c:\windows, NEVER c:\windows\system32, because it may be hidden to Java).
    Alternative: Copy the DLLs into the directory, where the Java
    class or jar files of your application reside. (The absolute path to the xboxcontroller.dll or xboxcontroller64.dll can
    also be passed to the constructor of the XboxController class. But it is up to you to choose if you need the 32 or 64 bit version.) For 32-bit OS only xboxcontroller.dll is needed.
  6. Add XboxController.jar and jaw.jar to the external libraries
    of your Java project within your favorite Jave IDE.
  7. Try to compile and understand the examples in the subdirectory 'examples'
    of the XboxController distribution.
    Consult the JavaDoc by opening index.html in the subdirectory 'doc'.
    (For some of these examples you need additionals libraries like aplu5.jar and NxtJLib.jar. You may download them from and

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