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First example

Purpose: With the FtController library it is quite simple to construct a GUI based program as general testing tool for all kinds of fischertechnik robots. FtCommand uses the command panel shown below.


Execute FtCommand using WebStart.
If the execution fails, check the system requirements (see above)

Discussion: The Digital Input pane shows the current state of all 8 digital inputs (red: off, green: on). Selecting one of the check boxes in the Digital Output pane will turn the output on. The Analog Inputs, Resistor Inputs and Distance Sensor shows the current values of these input ports. The Jitter values defines a "dead zone" around the current value that must be exceeded in order a new value is shown. This is helpful because, due to noise, the input values are not completely stable. With the buttons in the Motor panes, each of the 4 motors can be started in either direction or stopped. With a non-zero value in the Steps field, the motors turn in Robmode the given number of steps and halt. If a limit (end) switch is used, the motor will stop when the limit switch is pressed (only when rotating to the left).

The source code is included in the FtController distribution.