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Ultrasonic Sensor (Simulation Mode)

Purpose: The principle of radar based searching can be demonstrated with an ultrasonic sensor. The robot vehicle has the duty to find the direction to a given sound reflecting target and then approach it.

In simulation mode the targets are constructed by a polygon mesh defined from an array of vertex points. A target image may be shown at a given location, but this image is only used for illustration and is not detected as target.

The LegoSim JavaDoc provides more information, e.g. for useTarget():


You may nicely animate the radar-like search by displaying a search cone and a proximity circle to the nearest detected target point.

import ch.aplu.robotsim.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class UltrasonicSensorEx1
  private LegoRobot robot;
  private Gear gear;
  private UltrasonicSensor us;

  public UltrasonicSensorEx1()
    robot = new LegoRobot();
    gear = new Gear();
    us = new UltrasonicSensor(SensorPort.S1);
    while (true)
      if (us.getDistance() < 35)

  private void searchTarget()
    while (true)
      int distance = us.getDistance();
      if (distance != -1)

  public static void main(String[] args)
    new UltrasonicSensorEx1();

  // ------------------ Environment --------------------------
    Point[] mesh =
      new Point(500)new Point(2542)new Point(-2542),
      new Point(-500)new Point(-25-42)new Point(25-42)

    RobotContext.useTarget("sprites/target_red.gif", mesh, 380380);

Execute the program locally using WebStart.


Discussion: You can easily port this program to the autonomous or direct mode. The environment then becomes a real sound reflecting target like a hexagonal box standing on the floor.